Youth at Trinity take part in a unique four-year program: Journey to Adulthood. The program is defined by two basic precepts: manhood and womanhood are gifts from God, and adulthood must be earned. We celebrate the numerous changes that teenagers experience as we help them grow toward maturity. We support them in learning the basic skills and making the commitments necessary to take responsibility for themselves and relate constructively and compassionately with others. This program is divided into two, two-year components, Rite-13 and Journey to Adulthood (J2A).

Rite-13 celebrates the gift of manhood and womanhood. The goals are to establish and maintain cross-gender friendships, establish the church as a safety zone in the midst of an evolving time in their lives, and build a group with shared experiences and memories. This is a group of seventh and eighth grade teens.

Journey to Adulthood (J2A) celebrates the transition from youth to adulthood, trains young people in the skills of adulthood, explores the mystery of our faith heritage, and establishes our experience in the strength of community and liturgy. J2A focuses on active listening, negotiation, assertion, research/information management, partnership, and leadership. These teens begin the journey in ninth and tenth grades.

Through all four years of Journey to Adulthood, the youths travel with the same small group of peers. The bonds they form grow strong and support them.

Youth leaders are adults in the congregation who commit to journey with youth through all four years of the program. The end result—young adults who have learned who they are, know they are loved, have confidence in themselves and have encountered their faith in a safe community.

Pilgrimage  At the end of Journey to Adulthood ( J2A) teens go on a spiritual pilgrimage to seek God in new and old ways. The pilgrims participate in mission work, community living and explore the local area of the pilgrimage site. Participants choose their own site and help raise their own funds. In 2013 the pilgrims travel to Rome, Italy.

Previous pilgrimage sites have been Cody, Wyoming; Anchorage, Alaska; the Black Hills of South Dakota,   Dominican Republic, Pemberton, British Columbia and in 2013 the teens traveled to Juneau Alaska where they worked with the local children’s center and the local homeless shelter..

Bradford Woods Retreat Center  Every August Rite 13 and J2A youth takes on the challenge courses to build community within the group and discover his or her own strengths.

Christmas Chocolate Chip Cookie Bake  Our largest fundraiser, held on the second Saturday in December at Broad Ripple High School. Youth and family members bake, box and sell 30,000 chocolate chip cookies along with 100’s of tubs of cookie dough.

Annual Meeting Concessions  At our annual parish meeting, the J2A group is a visible presence, selling snacks and creating a festive atmosphere as we conduct our business as a parish.

Seder Meal  Every other year near Passover Rite-13 youth experience this Jewish celebration of God’s deliverance for the last two times we have joined by the teens from Indianapolis Hebrew Congregation .

Mother’s Day Car Wash and Blessing  A J2A fundraiser for their pilgrimage. Come to church; leave with a clean car.

Confirmation  The Rite of Confirmation—making a mature, public affirmation of one’s baptismal vows—is encouraged for anyone 16 years or older. Each young person is free to decide when he or she is ready to be confirmed. While Journey to Adulthood prepares our youth to become adults in the church, it is not the only avenue to confirmation.

A confirmation class is scheduled for those wishing to prepare. The Rite of Confirmation is offered by our bishop during Easter season every year. Contact a member of the clergy or the youth coordinator if you are interested in confirmation.

Outreach  The youth of Trinity are involved in many aspects of outreach. They are active in the Sunday Dinner ministries (link) and since 2006 teens have collected money for the hungry by participating in the Souper Bowl of Caring on Super Bowl Sunday.


Youth & Worship

Acolytes lead our worship by carrying the cross, candles, gospel book or banner, and by serving at the altar. This leadership opportunity allows them to learn the patterns of worship through direct participation. Trinity Church has opportunities for a large number of children and youth grades 4 through 12 to serve as acolytes. Most serve once a month. Contact the clergy if your child would like to participate in the ministry of the acolytes.

Choristers  Children third grade and up are invited to join Choristers, our children’s choir program. Choristers learn music skills through curriculum developed by the Royal School of Church Music. They sing three times a month during the school year and participate in choir summer pilgrimages. Rehearsal is on Tuesday evenings from 4:45 to 7:15 with supper provided by Chorister parents. Contact Trinity’sdirector of music your child is interested in singing with the group.

Lectors  Teens often serve as lectors, reading one of the scripture lessons for Sunday worship. Contact the youth coordinator if you are interested in this ministry.


Within the dioscese…

Diocesan Youth Ministry  The youth program at Trinity Church is enhanced by our relationship with the Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis. Our diocesan youth program offers opportunities for overseas mission, leadership development and participation in national youth programs of the Episcopal Church.

Waycross Camp and Conference Center offers a variety of residential summer camps for children and youth ages 8 through 16. Older youth may participate in Leadership in Training and Counselor in Training programs.

Fall and Spring Youth Conference  These annual events provide an opportunity for youth in grades 6 through 12 to gather at Waycross for a weekend of music, worship, conversation and exciting camp activities.