What to Expect


Welcoming | Inclusive

Parishioners regularly comment how welcoming and inclusive Trinity feels to them. We welcome you to join us in worship—irrespective of your faith background, your race, your sexual orientation, your political views, your economic status.

We hope that you will find here a place of respite and healing, of growth and exploration, of inspiration and joy.

Trinity Celebrates an Inclusive worship style.

If you have attended other Episcopal churches, you’ve probably seen services that are both more and less traditional than Trinity.

If your background is in another Protestant denomination or even most Catholic congregations, you will probably find worship at Trinity to be very formal, even “high church;” but it is perfectly acceptable to simply sit and listen.

Trinity celebrates an inclusive worship style rich in the liturgy of the worldwide Anglican Communion. Communion is open to all who seek Christ, and the opportunities to serve in worship are open to both children and adults. Children serve as acolytes (currently, more than 50 kids and teens are active as acolytes), choristers (currently 15 male and female singers, age 8 through teenage years), and lay Eucharistic ministers (serving alongside clergy). Adults serve on the altar guild, in the choir, as chalice bearers, lectors, ushers, and Ministers of Ceremony.

The sanctuary has the same sense of Tudor-era England that the architecture suggests from the street. The clergy, choir, and youth acolytes all wear robes and vestments, but most people in the pews are comfortable in “business-casual” dress. The congregation is diverse, culturally and socially, and come from many faith backgrounds.

If you want to meet people and learn about becoming more engaged, please stay for coffee and pastries or cookies in the Fortune Room (our fellowship hall) immediately after both Sunday services.

Julia preaching