Acolyte Guild
Trinity is blessed with one of the largest and most enthusiastic acolyte corps of any church. These young people serve faithfully Sunday after Sunday, as well as feast days, all year-round.

The Altar Guild is responsible for the preparation of the altar for various sacraments as the Rector directs. This includes every service held in the church. The Altar Guild cares for all communion linens and silver, as well as altar flowers within the sanctuary and provides assistance to the clergy as needed. There are currently 19 members in the Altar Guild, and there are three meetings a year with required attendance (Sept. Jan. and May). We work in teams with each team being responsible for one scheduled weekend per month in addition to occasional services during the week. New members are added as openings occur, and are expected to complete a period of training and working with a seasoned member prior to becoming a regular part of a team.

Chalice Bearers

Guild of the Holy Cross
Lay visitors take Holy Communion to shut-ins of our parish on a monthly basis and make “new baby” calls where a small book of prayers and a handmade blanket is given to each baby. We also accompany the clergy at Easter and Christmas taking Holy Communion to our shut-ins. If you have an interest in this ministry, please contact Rev’d Karen King.

St. Francis Guild
In the bleak midwinter when earth stands hard as iron and water like a stone, it is difficult to picture the lush green of the Cloister Garden abuzz with bees and hummingbirds in the warmth of summer. Yet we know without doubt that time will come again.
This is just one of the things that we love about the garden; knowing that beneath that seemingly unforgiving crust of snow and ice, seeds and roots lay in darkness resting, awaiting the call to rise to the light. We have witnessed this time and again and we have truly benefitted from the observations. We have grown too. The garden has always been a spiritual refuge for us. Its peace and beauty is a
welcomed retreat.

St Monica’s Guild
The members of St Monica’s Guild enjoyed a year of growth, fund-raising, and activity in 2104. The Guild has always welcomed new members and this year we were pleased to have several newcomers join us. We are grateful for the energy and creativity that each new member brings and look forward to the fellowship that we share as we work and socialize.
This year we were busy with two major fundraisers: the baking and selling of Scotch Eggs and Pasties at the May Day/Mothers Day event and the note card project. We would especially like to thank SMG member, Judy Smith, for singlehandedly organizing the entire Scotch Egg and Pasties fundraiser. Because of her meticulous organization and dedication we were able to continue this much-loved parish food tradition and make a profit! Our Note Card project was also a big success. We would like to thank Trinity parishioner, Casey Cronin, for donating five stunning images of our beautiful church and garden and Michael O’Brien of Printing Partners for donating the printing services. Card packages consist of 10 cards and envelopes and are still available for sale. Proceeds from our fundraisers were distributed to the Mid-North Food Pantry, the Dayspring Center, the St. Richard’s Episcopal School Scholarship Fund, and Waycross.

Saint Stephen’s Guild -Trinity Lectors
The mission of the St. Stephen’s Guild of Lectors pertains to the Ministry of the Word. Specifically, we participate as Lay Readers in the ancient practice of reading the Scriptures and the Prayers according to the Book of Common Prayer offered in corporate worship.

St. Ursula’s Guild
Meetings: Second Thursday of March, April, May, October, November and December. We start with a noon luncheon followed by a business meeting. We meet to enjoy one another’s company and discuss books.

Ushers Guild
Principal Activities: The Ushers’ Guild is resposible for the logistics of getting people to and from their pews. The ushers are responsible for collecting the loose offering, releasing people for communion, and cleaning up after the services — including special services like funerals, confirmations, and seasonal non-Sunday services. Functions include handing out Orders of Service, selecting Oblation Bearers and food basket children, managing chairs & doors & wheel chairs & the flow of people during services. All this done in a manner that is friendly, subtle, respectful, and dignified.

Lay Eucharistic visitors (Guild of the Holy Cross) take Holy Communion to shut-ins of our parish, make hospital visits, deliver altar flowers and make “new baby” calls.

Healing ministers offer a gentle touch and prayer every Sunday at both services during communion in a side area of the sanctuary.