Historical Church Walking Tour comes to Trinity
Saturday, August 10


Historic Mapleton-Fall Creek neighborhood: four glorious churches and one breathtaking Jewish temple.

When: Saturday August 10th, from 11am-1pm
Start: New Circle Church: located at 34th and Park.
End: Trinity Episcopal Church at 33rd and Meridian.

Led by fellow Episcopalian and All Saint’s Indy parishioner Lee Little.
1) The former Our Redeemer English Lutheran Church, now known at New Circle Church.
2) Former Beth El Zedek Temple.
3) Tabernacle Presbyterian Church.
4) Former 3rd Church of Christ Scientists, now Phillips Temple CME.
5) Trinity Episcopal Church.

Along the way, learn about the development of the city and neighborhood and the congregations that built these churches. We will also be hearing from leaders at the churches, about their history and who they are today.