Experience a journey of spiritual depth and artistic wonder with Marcel Dupré’s The Way of the Cross, brought to life in a mesmerizing organ concert where music, art, and poetry intertwine to create a profound and moving event.

Immerse yourself in the powerful music of Marcel Dupré as it resonates through the church with the deepest tones of the organ.

As you listen, works of visual art will be displayed to complement and amplify the themes of Dupré’s masterpiece. Each visual piece has been carefully selected by art historian Lucy Winters Durkin, representing artists around the globe and across the centuries, to deepen the connection between the music and the audience, creating a multi-sensory experience that will linger long after the last note fades.

Between each movement, the poetry of Paul Claudel in translation will be read by Trinity parishioners.

This promises to be an evening of beauty and contemplation as we delve into Dupré’s masterwork, The Way of the Cross, illuminated by art and poetry.

March 24 | 8pm | 33rd & Meridian
Admission and parking are free.

Organist: Michael Messina
Image selections: Lucy Winters Durkin
Readers: Trinity parishioners
Composer: Marcel Dupré
Poet: Paul Claudel
Translation: Randolph Runyon

Livestream available in our archives.