Trinity Sunday Dinner

At noon each Sunday, we serve a hot meal to our guests at the Trinity Outreach Center. Volunteers serve in teams for 2 hours every 6 weeks.

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Contact Father Adam to learn more and to sign up.

Did you know that the Trinity Sunday Dinner continues to serve our neighbors hot, nourishing meals every Sunday?

Looking for a way to connect with volunteers, parishioners, and our neighbors?

Contact Father Adam to learn more or sign up to volunteer.



The Sunday Dinner Ministry seeks to nourish the spirit and bodies of those among us who are hungry, thereby creating a more viable community through generosity, hospitality, and fellowship.


We commit to nourishing the bodies and souls of all who walk onto our campus by offering the physical and spiritual substance that every individual needs in order to grow into the healthy human being they were created to be.


We commit to serving not only the parishioners of Trinity Church, but the neighbors that make up the wider community in which God has placed our church. Through the ministry of being present here in this community, we will work to open ourselves up, recognizing our own limits and biases, and learning to value what our neighbors’ value as we serve in solidarity with each other.


We commit to being generous in spirit and in resources, always assuming the best in each other, always recognizing the dignity and worth of every individual. We commit to honoring the resources God has given us in this ministry and wisely working as a team to model the love and generosity of Christ through every meal we serve.


We commit to radical hospitality as it is modeled by Jesus. We welcome everyone who walks through our doors in peace with the intent of seeing them not only as guests, but as neighbors and friends. Through every detail, we view it as our sacred duty to treat every guest with the welcome and care that we would offer our dearest friends within our own homes.


We value the presence and journey of every individual. We commit to prioritizing people over logistics as we graciously serve, eat, and converse in fellowship. By committing to learn how to love and follow God, we also learn to love ourselves, one another, and creation.