Mapleton Fall Creek Development

The Mapleton-Fall Creek neighborhood is a diverse and dynamic area that began as an affluent northern suburb in the mid-19th Century, faced economic decline in the 1950s, and is presently enjoying a continuing trend of revitalization.

 Trinity Episcopal Church is one of a handful of community cornerstones along with the vibrant Indianapolis Children’s Museum and the storied Shortridge High School. Throughout its years of transition, the neighborhood preserved much of its original infrastructure and housing resulting in a mix of winding boulevards, old-growth trees, and homes from the Tudor Revival, Colonial Revival, and Arts and Crafts styles. Trinity has partnered successfully with the Mapleton Fall Creek Development Corporation to rehabilitate a number of these homes for use as single family residences.
Trinity is also an active member of the Mid-North Church Council, which coordinates efforts among area churches to provide needed assistance throughout nearby neighborhoods. In this holy work, Trinity operates in relationship and consultation with the community to empower residents to improve their lives.