Dear Beloveds,

I’ve been thinking a lot about transformation and Trinity recently. In a culture dominated by scarcity and fear, our Christian belief in the fullness of God’s grace allows us a different way of being. Ours is a way of abundance, a way marked by civility, mutual care, and love. In faith, we can resist being conformed to our world. Instead, we can be transformed–first by God’s perfect love and then by our own discipleship and faithful generosity.

Through your generosity, Trinity can live even more fully into our call to be a source of abundance in the world. In 2017, we exceeded our stewardship goal, allowing Trinity to call a Director of Children’s and Families Ministries and an Associate Rector for Formation and Invitation. We engaged our call to mission through new ministries like the Exodus Welcome Team, the Working Group on Race and Reconciliation, and our continuing outreach ministries on our campus and beyond. How can your generosity in 2018 further transform Trinity, so that we might be a witness of love and abundance in our broken and divided world?

A significant mark of discipleship is generosity. My prayer for you is that your connection to Christ at Trinity Church may be deepened by your continued generosity and commitment to our mission. Through your transformed discipleship, Trinity will continue to grow as a vital presence at 33rd and Meridian.

We have big plans for 2018. With your increased support, we can explore creating a contemplative Sunday evening service; expand our invitation, welcome and incorporation of new parishioners; develop more small groups for spiritual formation and mutual care; and grow our social justice and outreach ministries, especially through our new Trinity House initiative. These dreams are some of the ways that we might transform and be transformed by Trinity, and even transform the world around us. I invite you to join us with your 2018 pledge.

With blessings, so much gratitude, and love,

The Rev’d Julia E. Whitworth