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    Journey in Faith 2015-2016
    Adult Formation

    Journey in Faith (JiF) is the modern version of the ancient “catechumenal process”of the Christian church. In the early days of the Church, those who wanted tobecome members (catechumens) studied and prayed for at least two years before they were baptized and recognized as full members.

    In the Episcopal Church our common practice is to baptize infants and children.We realize that not all who come here have been baptized or confirmed, and thatthere need to be ways for people to learn about the Episcopal Church, and Trinity in particular. We want to provide opportunities for people to discover the tools that have under girded the Christian community for centuries. These include the Bible, ways to meditate and pray, the liturgies of the Book of Common Prayer (Holy Eucharist and Holy Baptism, Morning and Evening Prayer, to name a few) that will help them to be aware of God’s presence and power in their lives. For young people, we offer the Journey to Adulthood program. For adults, this process is the Journey in Faith.

    Journey in Faith also brings members of the parish together with JiF participants through the companioning process. Journey in Faith participants will be paired with companions from the congregations with whom they can talk and share their spiritual experiences. This is a vital part of Journey in Faith, especially because it often brings older and newer members together.

    Journey in Faith is a process to discover more about our unique Anglican identity. It is also a way to renew spiritual commitment, whether you are brand new to the Church or a longtime participant.