Beginning Sunday, September 10


Rite I Eucharist


Coffee and Conversation with the Preacher
Choir/Chorister Rehearsal


Rite II Eucharist (Choral)
with Children’s Liturgy of the Word in the Chapel for ages 4-10, by Clergy & Staff


Coffee with Education for All Ages: Adult Formation/ Sunday School/ Rite 13/J2A
Monthly — Second Sunday Coffee Hour

The new Sunday schedule allows for Trinity to grow in multiple ways:

  • More parents of young children will be able to participate in Adult Formation by aligning children’s and adult’s programs.
  • More choir members will be able to attend bible studies and Adult Forums by moving our education time away from choir practice.
  • Our children will be able to experience more liturgy both in church and in an age-appropriate setting by moving Sunday School away from worship time.
  • Our Sunday School teachers will be able to participate more fully in our spiritual life by not sacrificing their worship time week after week.
  • More of you will be able to experience the wonderful speakers and teachers we invite to be in our midst by moving our Adult Formation time AFTER the service.


“My discernment and prayers for this faithful community center on our ability to live fully into our mission, and to grow more deeply as a community of learners and disciples.”

The Rev’d Julia E. Whitworth, Rector

One aspect of Trinity’s common life that caught my attention when I first arrived was the structure of our Sunday offerings, specifically how it impacts our ability to provide Christian Formation on Sundays.

Through prayer and further discernment, I am gladdened to announce a new Sunday schedule that will meet our growing needs in all of these areas. I am confident that this new schedule invites more participation in worship and in christian formation, by current parishioners and those still to join us.

Change is challenging for any community, and this one will have its bumps. I pray that with time we will grow accustomed to, and be excited by, the new opportunities afforded by this new schedule.

I look forward to seeing more of you at Adult Formation, Worship and Fellowship on Sundays in the year to come.

Mother Julia +