Let There Be Light

Sanctuary Lighting Design Project

Is it possible the Trinity Sanctuary could feel even more welcoming and warm?

We think so!

The people who have walked in darkness have seen a glorious LIGHT!

Dear Beloveds,

Let there be LIGHT!

As many of you are aware, two weeks ago we launched one of the last phases of the capital improvement plan begun during the Interim period at Trinity. In the last three years, we have acquired property and demolished old buildings along Meridian Street, replaced roofing, updated the Tudor House and Fortune room, and replaced the speakers in the Church. Our most recent initiative is a much-needed improvement in our sanctuary lighting.

At forums after each service on January 8, parishioners met church and theatre lighting designers Rob and Marie Shakespeare and experienced their stunning design, which will provide beautiful, flexible, sustainable and most importantly increased lighting in the Church.

After a six-month process of bidding, design, more bidding and budgeting, overseen by Junior Warden Leigh Anne Naas, Kevin Deprey, and myself, under the advisement and approval of both the Properties Committee and the Vestry, Trinity is well poised to make a dream come to reality. Soon our physical space will reflect the brilliance of this parish, with new lights to illuminate our hymnals, leaflets and one another’s faces, as well as the Choir, Pulpit, Lectern and Altar. What’s more: the new lights are more energy efficient, helping us to be good stewards of the earth. The design honors Trinity’s aesthetic integrity through its subtlety and the incorporation of beautiful architectural lighting, as well as a single pendant light which will highlight the tower both inside the Church and from the street.

Fundraising for the project is going beautifully. We commenced the campaign with a goal of $37,500 to close the gap between already funded or committed amounts ($102.5K) and the overall cost of the project ($140K). We are 60% to this goal. Thanks so much to all of you who have already pledged or donated to this project: You are beacons!

To those of you who have not, I invite you to consider pledging towards one of our remaining focus areas (see map to the right) at specifically suggested amounts, or to the general ambient lighting at whatever amount you can give. How marvelous it would be for this project to be funded by the entire parish community! For our worship space to be as bright, warm and hospitable as the people within it, we need many instruments, many levels, many points of origin … and, together, we will SHINE.

Excellent lighting is all about revealing what is true, and what is beautiful. I know Trinity to be an inviting parish, and a beacon to its community. I can’t wait for our physical space to manifest that a little more clearly.   Thank you for helping to bring us into the LIGHT.


The Reverend Julia Whitworth

Rector, Trinity Episcopal Church

SHORT CLIP SHOWS LIGHTS: click link below