Every morning, our students from Horizons at St. Richard’s Episcopal School walk in the front door ready for another day of summer.

Some walk in with big smiles on their faces, some walk in holding hands with their siblings, and some walk in still groggy with sleep. All of our students arrive excited about their plans for the day – swimming, gardening, going to the library, making art, designing an eco-friendly park, learning about community activism, and more.

Our program is special in that it focuses on building strong and lasting relationships with every child through high quality learning. In addition to building up critical math and reading skills in the classroom, our students take life-saving swim lessons at the JCC to encourage body confidence and go on field trips designed to inspire critical thinking and real-world skills.

One of our students, William, has been part of Horizons for four years. When he first attended our summer program, he said he felt nervous, but “the teachers introduced me to stuff and I started making friends and I loved it because it was fun. We were learning but it was fun at the same time.” Truly enjoying academics was a new phenomenon for William, who struggled in school before Horizons. Now, William is a confident scholar, an avid reader, and wants to be a scientist when we grows up.

William and his sixth-grade classmates will have many incredibly learning experiences this summer, including a visit to the Trinity Mid-North Food Pantry to better understand how to be empathetic and involved citizens.

Horizons thrives with the help of strong partnerships and advocates in the community. We are so thankful for Trinity’s support of our program, and would love to take you on a tour or talk with you about how you can help make a difference in the lives of our students this summer. Please reach out to us at 317-926-0425 ext. 130 or [email protected].