Sunday Dinner  Every Sunday morning a small group of volunteers gathers in the kitchen at the Trinity Outreach Center to begin preparations for Sunday dinner. The first shift is met by a much larger group that makes final preparations before dinner guests arrive at noon, and cleans up once the meal is finished.

Sunday dinner team members and volunteers are members of the church, relatives and friends, friends from other churches and the community and college students from Butler University. Every week a clergy member is present to lead devotion and assist the team of the week as needed. Approximately 4,000 guests are served annually.

The Mid-North Food Pantry is a charitable, non-profit agency supported by the member churches of the Mid-North Church Council, which pledge monetary support and collect food to stock its shelves. The U.S. Department of Agriculture and Gleaner’s Food Bank help with provisions, along with Kroger’s and Panera Bread. Committed volunteers from area churches distribute free bags of groceries, home grown produce and household items to individual and families who fall below poverty level.

Dayspring Family Shelter  For more than six years Trinity volunteers have been serving dinner to Dayspring residents on the third Sunday of each month. Volunteers plan and prepare the food ahead of time, transport it to the warming ovens at Dayspring and serve it to the residents. They are also responsible for the clean up. Dayspring is a unique family shelter in that fathers and teenaged children are allowed to stay with their families, a practice rarely allowed in many shelters. The Sunday dinners usually feed 35 to 40 people, many of whom are children.