A Note from the Rector as we begin our 2019 Stewardship Appeal: This is a place to CONNECT

As we head into 2019, we enter the Centennial Year for our parish—the anniversary of the founding of an Episcopal worshiping community at the corner of 33rd and Meridian.

Although we have undergone many changes in 100 years (including a name and a church building), some things have remained constant at Trinity Episcopal Church.

This is a place to CONNECT. It’s where we connect to Beauty. Connect to Tradition. Connect to Hope. Connect to Call. Connect to a Neighborhood, and to a City. Connect to Service. Connect to Community. Connect to God.

And it’s where we can connect to a legacy of generosity that has enabled Trinity to live into its vocation as a parish.

What is that Legacy of Generosity? It includes the leaders who transformed a Baptist church into the Episcopal Church of the Advent here in 1919, and the visionary benefactors who in 1953 built the beautiful Trinity Church we enjoy today. The legacy includes Rector Ernest Lynch, who conceived a school here that would anchor us to our neighborhood in the early 1960s, and those of you who brought into being the Trinity Outreach Center in the 2009. It’s the founders of the Sunday Dinner in 2007 and St. Nicholas Early Learning just over two years ago. And, of course, the legacy includes Mr. Eli Lilly, whose bequest in 1977 continues to provide material foundation for the amazing abundance God shares with this parish. That bequest, along with your continued faithful giving, allows us to imagine great things as a church, including founding our most recent ministry— Trinity Haven, Indiana’s first home for LGBTQ youth at risk of homelessness.

The generosity of the past has ensured our present vitality, but it alone will not propel our future success. As we embark on our Centennial year, I invite you to CONNECT BOLDLY to this Legacy of Generosity.

There are at least 100 reasons to connect boldly to a legacy of giving at Trinity in its Centennial Year. But the most important reason to be generous is this: to express gratitude to the Holy One for God’s provision, grace and abundance of love in our lives, and in our Church. Please join me, and Connect BOLDLY to that spirit of gratitude in 2019.

Faithfully, and with love,

The Rev’d Julia Whitworth, Rector