Discipleship Groups at Trinity

In October 2017, Father Ben introduced the idea of Discipleship Groups to Trinity Adult Learners.

Patterned after the Discipleship Group model created by the Restoration Project (www.therestorationproject.net), Trinity Discipleship Groups started forming in January 2018 and are grounded in intentional practices of liturgy, prayer, and fellowship. Since then, multiple small groups have evolved and continue to meet.

The frequency and structure of each group is defined by the individuals within each group. Examples include groups that meet in homes for a shared meal; hybrid Discipleship Group and Book Group; and a group discerning if it will divide into two new groups to accommodate a better small group experience.

The learning so far: Discipleship Groups are life-giving intentional groups that generate a loving community of parishioners caring for the spiritual and personal growth of each member.

Interested in being part of a Discipleship Group? Contact Father Ben: [email protected]