Sunday, January 15: 11:30AM-12:15PM

Join Mother Julia and Demarius to talk with renowned jazz artist Rob Dixon about his life, career, and the connection between jazz music and the liberation movement. Rob is the artistic director of Indy Jazz Fest.

“I play in jazz clubs, blues clubs, concert halls, restaurants, and festivals. I have played for kings, queens, presidents, and prime ministers, and I have played for the homeless, the imprisoned and struggling people in third world countries, and everyone in between. Music has made me connect with people all over the planet and truly become a citizen of the world.”

During the Forum, parishioners will also have a chance to talk with Demarius and sign-up to join the Clapham Circle, a liberation theology exploration group inspired by the work of 17th & 18th century Anglican abolitionists. The group will meet monthly alongside the Trinity Service Corps to gain a deeper spiritual and theological grounding to engage in the work of social change and liberation.