Trinity Church welcomes all God’s people.

We recognizes that each person is on a unique faith journey. You are invited to visit and experience Trinity for yourself. At some point in the journey, however, we hope that you will choose to establish a formal connection with the congregation. This path is through enrollment of baptism.

The sacrament of baptism makes us Christian, not part of a particular denomination or group, but part of Christ’s universal church. Enrolling our baptism declares that we wish to live out the vows of our baptism with a particular congregation.

Already baptized? If you have been baptized and wish to enroll with Trinity, we simply ask you to complete the form below to declare your desire to register your baptism with this congregation. This process is sometimes called “transfer of letter” and is a standard practice in many congregations.

Never baptized? If you have not been baptized, the first step in joining Trinity is to prepare for baptism by talking with one of our clergy. Baptism is offered at various times throughout the year.

In addition to enrollment of baptism, you may choose to receive the rites of confirmation, reception or renewal of baptismal vows.

Confirmation is a rite offered in which persons age sixteen or older who were baptized at an earlier age make a public affirmation of their baptismal vows.

Reception is offered for those who were baptized and confirmed at an earlier time in a denomination other than the Episcopal Church. While baptism makes us Christians, confirmation and reception make us Episcopalians.

Renewal of baptismal vows is offered for those with prior experience in Episcopal settings who are renewing their faith and commitment.

Membership Form

If you wish to become a member of Trinity Episcopal Church, please complete the following form. Welcome to Trinity!

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