“A Film Called Blacks Can’t Swim”

Horizons @ St. Richard’s and Trinity’s Social Justice & Reconciliation Working Group present a screening of

“A Film Called Blacks Can’t Swim”

The documentary address the fears, anxieties, stereotypes, and generalizations about black people and swimming.

Critically acclaimed and released in February 2019, the film follows filmmaker and British hip-hop artist Ed Accura as he explores stories of black peoples’ experiences and goes through his own journey of learning how to swim.

After the film, Indianapolis residents share their swimming stories, followed by an informal community conversation. As well you’ll discover how Horizons at St. Richard’s seeks to challenge the stereotypes about African Americans and swimming by inspiring a generation of future swimmers.

Tuesday, May 7 from 6-8PM

Free & open to the public.
Doors open at 5:30PM.
Sandwiches and small bites available.
Limited Seating!

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